Innovation Pattern

Design and Implementation of Technology Strategy: Pattern of Industrial Innovation

“Management Innovation is… A marked departure from traditional management principles, processes, and practices or a departure from the customary organizational forms that significantly alters the way the work of management if performed” ~ Gary Hamel , Harvard Business Review, February 2006

“General Manager’s Perspective Integrating of managing innovation and the impacts of innovation upon organizations into a coherent whole still remains a significant challenge. They arise across the boundaries of functional organizations, in many ways. Example, finding ideas for Example, new products, and the challenge of uncovering new markets, isn’t just a marketing problem. An organization’s structure, the systems, and the formal and informal mechanisms powerfully influences the types of ideas that get surfaced, pushed forward, and surfaced, adopted.” ~  Burgleman, Robert, Christensen, Clayton, and Wheelwright, Steven (Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation, Irwin McGraw-Hill, 2008)


Tentang djadja

Seorang hamba Allah, ayah, suami, kepala rumah tangga (Commander In Chief), praktisi pendidikan, manajemen dan telematika yang mencoba merunduk di ladang ibadah
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