Transforming Invention To Innovation

Strategic Innovation Process

Strategic Innovation Process


„Innovation is the doing of new things or the doing of things that are already being done in a new way… Innovation is a process by which new products and techniques are introduced into the economic system.“(Schumpeter 1947)

“the first commercialization of an idea” (Fagerberg 2004)

” An innovation is the implementation of a new or significantly improved product, or process, a new marketing method, or a new organisational method in business practice, workplance organisation or external relations” ~ (OECD)

“Innovation is an invention that has been successfully implementated and introduced in the market”


Tentang djadja

Seorang hamba Allah, ayah, suami, kepala rumah tangga (Commander In Chief), praktisi pendidikan, manajemen dan telematika yang mencoba merunduk di ladang ibadah
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